The programs that run on my Raspberry Pi

In the end i succumbed to the influence of the Raspberry Pi and i bought one.

As there are thousands of projects and programs for the Raspberry Pi i will discuss what i have done to my ding.

The distribution for which i chose is the RaspBian, the media center for ditribution Raspberry PI XBMC is great but did not fit with my interests.

My essential programs:


Undoubtedly the first program to install the SSH daemon is a network linux if this program is a lame pigeon.


My next need is to escaparde riding cages computer companies as they are improving lately are best to leave a subtle way is to set up a vpn to listen on port 443 and for this I used openvpn


I want to browse all websites without restrictions empresarialesasí firewalls that for this i installed a Squid web proxy that i am accessing via vpn.


The easiest for me to download via torrent is Transmission web interface that offers a very useful and also tried rtorrent with Screen ctorrent but we’re going to cheat Transmission is more usable.


For media center theme I’ve tried several solutions: omxplayer, XBMC … and in the end it’s best to communicate all via DLNA home devices, use the Raspberry PI to download files and TV player to watch them. Thanks to the wonder of all DLNA devices seamlessly share folders so you can run the files of one or the other.


When you bring your ride Raspberry and team want to connect John and listen to your music and not have a better manolo monitor MPD. In that case amount on my mobile network and the Raspberry Pi and managing music with the Android program DroidMPD, MPD have clients for all platforms. You have to set the Raspberry to run the mpd daemon on boot and connect to the mobile network also at startup.

Omxplayer and Rasberry Remote

If in our walk with Raspberry also want to see a movie and do not want to connect a keyboard or get to execute commands with the TV as a monitor can hop one with mobile network and use the program to launch movie Rasberry Remove from the mobile and see it on TV / monitor.

Fileserver Raspberry

To use as a file server and I keep SSH client facing solutions for cloud-XXX that are more aesthetic but only need a browser and seem more cumbersome, much heavier and worse at the time of maintenance.



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